Youth - Tinerețea

"Anything within limits is useful; exceeding limits, it is a poison. That is the problem of youth, you see – unrestrained indulgence, thinking that indulgence is good. The whole thing is a combination of wisdom and restraint – two qualities which normally youth doesn't possess, but they are expected to acquire and cultivate. People who acquire and cultivate this will become wise adults; adults living a life of regulation, therefore a serene life, free of the turbulence of life; vacillating between sickness and health – they don't. They have a serene life like a placid river which is flowing. There may be huge volumes of water, but you hardly see a ripple on the surface."

Taken from Youth: A Time of Promise and for Effort, vol. 2, chapter “Wisdom and Restraint” pp.154-6 – by Rev. Chariji